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Article List

The First Step  by
The Reception Venue  by Bridemalta
Questions to Ask Your Reception Site  by
Catering Decisions  By
Catering at the Venue  by Bridemalta
How to pick the Champagne for your Special Day  by (original article)
Beverages and more  by Bridemalta
Bar & Cocktails
Cocktails at Weddings  by Damian's Cocktails
The Wine Bar Concept  by Damian's Cocktails
Alternatively  by Bridemalta
Love and marriage  by Ross Elledge, courtesy I DO! Magazine
Who does what?  by Bridemalta
Wedding Countdown  Jacqui Cassar
Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom  by
Flower Girls  by I Do magazine
In laws or out laws?  by Lisa Galea - I DO magazine
Who Should Walk You Down the Aisle  I Do! Magazine
Choosing a Wedding Date  by Blake Kritberg, editor FavorIdeas
Wedding on St. Valentine's Day  by Chrystelle Doublesin at Hotel Phoenicia
Father of the bride  by I Do! Magazine
Putting the ‘aisle’ in ‘island’  by Chrystelle Doublesin at Hotel Phoenicia
Bestman - Role and Duties  by
Emergency Kit for Your Wedding Day  by
The Adventurous Wedding Trends of 2013  Guest Post by Elizabeth - Personalised Pressies
Preparing for D-Day  by I DO! Magazine
It-Tieg Malti ta' l-Imghoddi  Tania Vassallo
How to Use  BrideMalta Team
Wedding Day Rain  Adapted from EzineArticles
How to write the Best Man's Speech  Original Article by
Before You Plan Your Wedding  copyright Rachel Sanfordlyn Shreckengast of
Who Pays For What?  copyright Rachel Sanfordlyn Shreckengast of
Wedding Etiquette  by Ramona Portelli -
Who to invite – who to leave out!  by I Do Magazine
Wedding Invitations  by Bridemalta
Wedding Invitations  by Cybele Phillips
Souvenir Ideas  by Central Flower Shop
Your Souvenirs  by Bridemalta
How to Pick Wedding Favors  Guest post by Rebecca Parker
Questions for your Photographer  by RubenBuhagiarPHOTOGRAPHY
Picture Perfect - Photographer & Videographer  by
Wedding Photography  by
How to Choose your Videographer  by
Flowers & More
Saying it with Flowers  by Fabienne from Central Flower Shop
The Art of Wedding Bouquet Preservation  by The Floral Designer
Your Wedding Bouquet  by Bridemalta
The Instrumental Element  by Entertainment Solutions Malta
The Instrumental Element
Part II
 by Entertainment Solutions Malta
Music sets the mood  by Bridemalta
Cars & Karozzin
Bridal Transport  by Jacqui Cassar
Il-Karozzin  by Bridemalta
Bridal Cars  by Bridemalta
Wedding List
Wedding Gift-Giving Guidelines  by Susan Kurth Clot de Broissia
Carpets & Tents
Walk on the Red Carpet  by Bridemalta
Picturesque Poland  by I Do! Magazine
West Coast of America  by Anne Cuschieri
Thoughts on Honeymooning in Malta  by
Your Dream Holiday - USA and Australia  by Anne Cuschieri
Choosing your Honeymoon  by Bridemalta
Bridal Wear
The Head Dress: Crowning Glory  by I DO Magazine
Wedding Veils  adapted by, courtesy EzArts
Styles of the Wedding Dress  by Jacqui Cassar
Your Wedding Attire  by Jacqui Cassar
Keep Your Hat On  by I Do magazine
Winter Wedding Gowns  by Bridemalta
Worn-Once Dresses  by Bridemalta
Bridal Clothing  by Bridemalta
December Wedding Gown  original article by
Pick and Choose Wedding Traditions: The Veil  copyright Rachel Sanfordlyn Shreckengast of
Frugal Flower Girl Accessories  by Rachel Paxton -
Veil Length Guide  copyright Rachel Sanfordlyn Shreckengast of
Bridal Footwear
Bridal Shoes  by Bridemalta
Which Ring to wear? team
Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends  Sofia Angeli
Bridal Jewelry  by
Guide to Buying Diamond Engagement Rings  copyright Rachel Sanfordlyn Shreckengast of
History of Engagement Rings, Page One  copyright Rachel Sanfordlyn Shreckengast of
Ring Warranties: Get it in Writing!  copyright Rachel Sanfordlyn Shreckengast of
Beauty & Nails
Nailing The Matter  by Gayle Axiak
Your Hair  by Bridemalta
Applying Foundation  by Laura dos Remedios
Choosing Foundation  by Laura dos Remedios
Bridal Lingerie
Bridal Lingerie  by Bridemalta
Gown Cleaning
Dry Cleaning for the Bridesmaids  by
Gown Cleaning  by Bridemalta
Men's Wear
Definite No No's for a man's attire  by
Men's Wear  by Bridemalta
Faith & Religion
Belong Group  by Belong Group
The Cana Movement & Marriage Preparation Courses  Fr. Louis Camilleri & Marthese Borg
Choosing the church  by Jacqui Cassar
Cana Marriage Preparation Courses starting January 2011  by Cana Movement
Your Church  by Bridemalta
The Bible Baptist Church  by Pastor Anthony Bonavia
How to re-claim your Wedding VAT  by Brian Mifsud, updated by BrideMalta
How to Claim €530.64 Marriage Grant  by
Qed tippjana t-tieġ tiegħek?
Żomm f’moħħok dawn il-pariri
 Odette Vella
Marriage Registry
The Couple
When you are upset...  Original article by
Vast majority believe marriage should be permanent  submitted by The Times of Malta - September 23, 2007
Singled out – who to take with you?  submitted by I Do! Magazine
A Mother's Diary  submitted by Familjakana May 2005 - Translated by O. Theuma
Riding The Wind Like A Bird  submitted by Familjakana February 2005
It is not good that man should be alone!  submitted by Alex and Marina Mamo - Familjakana March 2005
Sarah's Imperfections  submitted by Familjakana January 2005
What Love Does to Your Brain  by Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler, Executive Mentor & Brainwave Researcher
Fresh or Withered?  submitted by Joyce Sciberras - Familjakana January 2005
Is Marriage on the way out?  submitted by FamiljaKana - The Cana Movement
Cohabitation  submitted by Familjakana February 2006
Hugging  Original article by
Traditions  Original article by
Ceremony Readings by Shakespeare  copyright Rachel Sanfordlyn Shreckengast of
Declare on New Years Eve  Original article by
The Apache Wedding Prayer  copyright Rachel Sanfordlyn Shreckengast of
99 Bottles of Treasure  by Michael Webb,
Irish Wedding Blessings  copyright Rachel Sanfordlyn Shreckengast of
Home & LifeStyle
Advice for Newly Weds  by IDO Magazine
Buying a Home to Live in… Property Consultancy or a Solo Adventure?  by Wilfrid Buttigieg
Property in Malta - First time Buyers  by CNWPropertyMalta
Property in Malta - Viewing Properties  by CNWPropertyMalta
Property in Malta - Fees Associated with Buying & Selling Property  by CNWPropertyMalta
Property in Malta - Three Most Common Conditions You can Buy A Property In  by CNWPropertyMalta
Property in Malta - Common Types of Properties  by CNWPropertyMalta
Property in Malta - First Time Buyers Prepared for Buying  by CNWPropertyMalta
Your perfect wedding...and your perfect Honeymoon!  by
Hens & Stags
The Best Hens and Stags  by (original article)
Gozo Wedding
Wedding Planner  Provided by Grand Hotel (Mgarr)
New Ideas!
Wedding Customs and Superstitions  by I DO magazine
Winter or Christmas Theme Wedding Ideas  copyright Rachel Sanfordlyn Shreckengast of

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