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The Couple

Sarah's Imperfections

submitted by Familjakana January 2005

Sarah was ecstatic with joy because she was courting Kenneth. Whenever she was due to meet him, she would spend hours in front of the mirror, making herself look more beautiful, arranging her hair in the best possible way and hiding any defect she could have had.

Sarah was so overjoyed that she was smiling and laughing every minute of the day. Her joy could be felt all over her home. However, there were times when she would collapse in tears and lock herself up in her room; she was absolutely inconsolable. Still, there were a few occasions when she found enough courage to confide in her mother, telling her about her fears and worries, and what the causes of her fits of jealousy were. These were instances when Sarah would curse all her physical imperfections because they made her believe she was not attractive enough and, consequently, not worthy of being loved.

She would frequently ask her mother: “Mum, what can I do?”
“Dear Sarah”, her mother would reply, “you have to accept the fact that you are not perfect. Anyway, Kenneth could only love you sincerely if he loves you as you are”.

After a while, Sarah would go to her mother again and let out all her frustration: “Mum, Kenneth is always late. Sometimes, when we’re about to part, he runs off as if he’s scared of something. It’s as if I’m not an important part of his life because I am not a priority to him. There are times when he starts talking and goes on and on and annoys me with his insistence on his own points of view”

“Dear Sarah”, her mother would answer, “only our Heavenly Father is perfect. You have to keep in mind that, if you want to build a family together with Kenneth, you have to accept your own imperfections as well as his and love him as he is.
Those who think that the secret of happiness in a family is having everything perfect or living a never-ending life of passion are the victims of a great illusion.

You can be happy only if your love for your partner is a mature and spiritual love, even if this love makes you suffer. Happiness is a result of one’s ability to forgive.”

In fact, when someone realizes that he is a sinner who has already been forgiven, he will accept the fact that he is not perfect and will not expect others to be perfect. On the contrary, such a person will find peace in mercy and forgiveness.
It is in this ability to forgive, that both men and women should imitate our Heavenly father.

Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us.

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