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Beverages & Bar

by Damian's Cocktails

For the last couple of years the wine bar was something trendy. Today the wine bar becomes an essential part of the wedding celebration. There are various reasons starting from cultural to convenience reasons why the wine bar is being viewed in a new different way. In few words, this means that by having a wine bar you will have a smoother celebration, more guests satisfaction, while lessen the beverage expenses. Now letís briefly discuss some issues which one must consider when opting for the wine bar.

Wines and Budget

When setting the budget for the wine, you must first ask the following questions: What are our favourite wines and what are our friends and relatives favourite wines? Which wines are most to be known as popular? How much do they cost? After answering these questions you will have an idea of the best wines to choose and their average price per bottle. With regards to quantity we normally do calculate third of a bottle for each person invited, more over on quantities should not be a problem as wholesalers do sell on return basis. However the season and style of your wedding will also determine the wine consumption. A good selection of wines are always recommended such as 2 whites, 1 rose and 2 reds.

Here is a selective suggestion:
2 whites
- 1 dry such a Chardonnay, Gavi
- 1 sweet/off dry such a Liebfraumilch

1 rose
- Again a little sweet such as a Rose díAnjou

2 reds
- 1 light such as a Valpollicela
- 1 a little heavier such as a Cabernet Sauvignon


The glassware used plays an important part in determining the characteristic of the wine, especially the aroma, and even the taste. A large wine glass is ideally recommended to give enough circumference to the wine in order to breathe, unlike small wine glasses which hardly give any improvement to the wine once poured. A large wine glass should only be a maximum of 1/3 filled to allow enough air in the glass, and the full potential of the wine to dominate.


White wines are ideally served at 6 degrees to 12 degrees, rose wines between 6 degrees and 8 degrees while red wines between 13 degrees and 18 degrees. Champagne and sparkling wine should be a bit cooler at around 4 degrees. This is just the average temperature, as all wines depend to be chilled varying on the body of the wine, but letís not go into such detail. Always hold the glass by the stem or base, so the temperature of the wine is not affected by the warmth of your hand.

Serving in Style

The only important factor left is serving your wine in style. Your guest will be, or will not be impressed with the wine service, depending how it is practically served. A proper wine bar is always more eye catching, and the wine display will help to attract guests even more throughout. The wines must be on show at the bar and freshly poured, allowing white wines and rose wines especially to be served chilled. Guests tend to appreciate the style the wines are displayed and demonstrated, when opting for a glass of wine in a wedding, especially wine lovers.


Cheese and wine are well known to complement each other. Many wine lovers plump for a good variety of cheeses when sipping on their preferred glass of wine. There are numerous ways how to present the whole combination of wine and cheese, which plays an important role in the image you want to create. Many tend to stick to the cheese display rather then nibbling on all the other finger food available during your wedding reception. Galletti, bread sticks and grapes together with the cheese are also to compliment the whole set up.

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