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by Damian's Cocktails

The trend today for cocktail bars during wedding receptions is becoming more and more popular everyday. This attraction of serving cocktails apart from the usual beverages, has caught the attention of many couples.

But first of all, what is a cocktail?

A cocktail is a style of mixed drink. Originally a mixture of distilled spirits, sugar, water and bitters, the word has gradually come to mean almost any mixed drink containing alcohol. A cocktail today usually contains one or more types of liqueurs/spirits and flavourings mixed to one or more types of fruit juices, sugar, honey, soda, cream, etc. Of course, there are also non-alcoholic cocktails, which are strictly speaking called 'Mocktails'. This is a blend of fresh fruit, fruit juices, syrups, minerals, etc, to create a particular flavour without the use of alcohol.

Cocktails make a fun alternative to the usual alcoholic drink consumed during weddings. They brighten up the atmosphere with a variety of different colours and appealing garnishes. When having a cocktail bar, you are not only giving an elegant touch to your big day, but you are saving on the consumption of alcohol.

How do you save on alcohol?

When having the cocktail bar, your guests tend to make more use of the cocktail bar, rather than the normal bar. To start off, the beverage consumption from the main bar will drop drastically. So, more cocktails are made instead, with the difference that a long drink (cocktail) will have the same amount of alcohol as for example, a vodka with coke, but will take longer to consume, as it's topped up with a considerable amount of juices or minerals, hence increasing the period for your guest to order the next one. Thus reducing the amount of alcohol used.

Choosing your cocktails

As you choose your cocktails for your big day, together with your vendor, make sure that you have a variety of colours and tastes, to satisfy all your guests. The vendor will obviously help you out and give you recommendations. If you have any favourites of your own, make sure you include them as well. It's your big day, and having a cocktail bar at your service, gives you a better option to drink what you prefer most. Always have a selection of non-alcoholic cocktails for non-alcohol drinkers and children.

How much spirits do you need?

Of course the amount of spirits you will need depends on the number of guests that you have and probably also on the kind of wedding and season. Obviously your vendor will guide you to the amount of spirits you really need, once you have chosen your cocktails. You must also take into consideration that the alcohol for the main bar should now decrease. However, you will always be advised to bring some extras. You don't want anything to finish in the middle of the wedding, and make you feel embarrassed! Nowadays, all bottle shops accept buying on returns basis, unless they are open.

What style of bar should you choose?

When hiring a cocktail bar, you should get the choice of different bar set ups to suit the surroundings of your venue. Let's say a tropical bar for outdoors, in a garden, or beside a pool, or a more classic style for indoors and rustic surroundings. The style you choose plays an important part on the atmosphere you want to create.

Whenever the occasion, wherever the venue, whatever the reason, a Cocktail Bar will always give that extra spark to your special day..........any day!!



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