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One more item for your wedding list: Pick the perfect sparkling wine or champagne.

The wine you choose should reflect your style. One bride might go for a French Champagne whilst another might offer bottles of Italian Spumante.

A special day deserves a special wine so here are some tips to help you choose the perfect bubbly for your special day:

(1) WHO are your Guests?
The trick is neither to underestimate your guests nor to overestimate them. Unless it is important to you or your loved one personally or you want to share a special wine on your special day, you don't have to spend extra 's on expensive wine.

(2) Will the bottles be SEEN?
Will your guests see waiters pour the wine or will it be offered on a tray after being poured out of sight? If you plan on making a statement, go for the the classier but more expensive options. Otherwise a pleasant, less expensive wine will be just as good.

(3) RESIST the temptation to get the best.
It is so easy to overdo it when you taste a really good but expensive bubbly! You think "Why not? It's my special day!". Whilst the wine should be good, remember that it will be tasted with many different finger foods and savouries. The subtle tastes of a profound and complex wine that is so apprecaite during a special, relaxed dinner may be completely lost. You can always save the really good bubbly for a small personal party later on.

(4) Know your OPTIONS.
Go through the fine print and know all the details of any contract you will sign. Most times you can bring in your own wine with or without a corkage fee depending on the venue whilst other times you are offered a selection. For the toast, plan to serve 6-8 people with each bottle.

(5) TASTE before you commit yourself.
Make sure you taste the wine you are being offered and ask how it's been stored.



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