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Beverages & Bar

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Whether in summer or winter, beverages form an integral part of the reception. Most vendors give good estimates of the quantities you will need depending on how many guests you will be having, the current trends and even the season. Always get a good range of everything and ‘shop’ around to get an idea of what’s around, prices and brands guests ask for at weddings. Remember that most guests don’t ask for whisky and coke but rather a brand name and coke. Do not hesitate to buy alcohol from one vendor and the soft drinks from another. Make a well-informed budget and stick to it. Unless you are keen on a large cocktail bar, be certain that the vendor accepts returns of unopened bottles, reimbursing you with part of the cost. All closed beverages in good condition are usually accepted with the exception of chilled beers and chilled white wine.

Note the number of bars that will be open at the reception, as this will affect the number of bottles shared between the bars e.g. 12 bottles of whisky for 3 bars means that each bar will only have 4 bottles, and it won’t do to have stocks finish before the event is over.

Remember to talk with the caterers or whoever is providing the waiters , as well your organizer if you have one, about the serving of drinks on trays. Determine how often you’d like this to happen as well as the contents of the tray together. This will avoid long unsightly congestions at the bar.



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