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Hens & Stags

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Wedding traditions come and go, as few stand up to the test of time and modern budget constraints.

However hen's and bachelorís parties have been around for many years and show no signs of being forgotten. If anything these traditions seem to have adapted to modern ways, shedding conservative outings in favor nights-to-remember both for the groom and for the bride.

A quick search online will give one many fun ideas for special celebrations, so we'll concentrate instead on hen's and stag's night traditions'.

Hen's Parties

Rumor has it that Cyndi Lauper wrote 'Girls just wanna have fun' for a special friends hen's night. The idea of the hen's night is for the bride to celebrate with her best girlfriends her last days as single before walking down the aisle. The matron of honor or chief bridesmaid is in charge of organizing the event - for once the bride-to-be simply relaxes and enjoys.

There a few hen's party traditions that have developed over time, some of which are still popular today, whilst others are no longer in use.

Although traditionally a celebration for single females only, today it is common to invite married friends including the mother of the bride, mother of the groom and favorite aunts.

Hens traditionally are supposed to make a cake with pink icing and containing a ring. The hen who cuts the slice containing the ring is the next to get married.

Hen's are always dressed up for their hen's night - whether it's just a headband, or a wild costume or a bright colored veil decorated with streamers, balloons and condoms.

Another hen's tradition is for the bride to be given a pot filled with salt symbolizing good luck and as they make their way from bar to bar - men put coins into the pot usually in exchange for kisses. The modern version is for the bride to wear a white t-shirt upon which men sign.

Stag Parties

Bachelor's party, stag party or bucks night - many names for a wild event dating back hundreds of years.

Although traditionally it was the groom who used to organize his own stag party, it is today the recognized job of the best man to make sure the groom enjoys his last celebration as a bachelor.

The most popular remaining stag party tradition comes from the ancient 'blackening of the groom' ritual. The night before their wedding, the bridal party visited the bride and groom and performed a ritual of 'washing of the feet'. As a joke, the men would use black shoe polish to wash the groomís feet. With time the joke was taken a step further as the groomís friends pelted him with sticky black tar and feathers. Today the favorites are eggs and flour, although the sky is the limit. A word of caution here - eggs are much stronger than they appear and need a surprisingly strong throw before achieving that satisfying splatter!



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