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by CNWPropertyMalta

By now you should be sat down, relaxed and at ease with the peace of mind that you now have the information and knowledge on how to go about Buying Your First Property in Malta.

If you are still in doubt don't forget there are professional companies who are more than willing to help you and answer any particular questions that you may have.

Our aim has been to give you hope in that you can find a property, provide you with sound advice and help you get to grips with some of the main terminology.

You are now well armed and should have the the confidence to know ;

What to do :
 have clear & realistic objectives
 understand the traditional three stages of buying property
 decided on your Budget
 decided on your Preferred Location

When to do it:
 going to an Estate Agent
 viewing properties
 going to a Bank if a Mortgage is necessary
 contacting a Notary to take care of the convenue (contract of sale)
 understanding the process and fees of an Estate Agent & Notary

What to expect:
 know the three main conditions of buying a property (shell, semi-finished & finished)
 having an understanding of which property condition best suits your situation
 have an insight into what First Time Buyer's are buying
 have a good overview of what are the most common types of properties that are bought
 know what the main types of properties are
 having an understanding of the benefits of each different property type
 realising which property type best suits you
 an overview into general questions that are often asked by First Time Buyers.

All the information provided has been general and remember nothing is set in stone.

Everybody is individual and all properties are individual. Your needs and wants could even change during this process and also whilst you are viewing property. Don't worry be flexible and just adapt to this change as it's quite a normal reaction to have.

Be confident that you will find the property you want and ask for advice if you need it.

We wish you Luck and Congratulate you on soon becoming a Home Owner.

Articles written by Cheryl Williams, Director of CNW Property Malta.

Article exclusively prepared for by CNWPropertyMalta



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