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Men's Wear

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A lot of effort research and consultation goes into choosing the right dress for the bride. After all, lets face it, the bride is the star of the show. Unfortunately however, in the majority of cases, much less effort goes into preparing the groom for the special day. Whether this is because men give far less importance to their appearance in general, is debatable and besides the point. This is an established fact and we certainly will not attempt to change it. What we will try to do however, is come up with a bit of advice for the groom (or for the bride, should she choose to dress the man herself) in preparation for the big day - more specifically for dressing up for the big day.

For the purpose of this article we will limit ourselves to discussing only the definite no no's.

1. Do not wear white socks
This has nothing to do with opinions or personal tastes. Some men can easily get away with the fact that their fashion sense leaves much to be desired, as most of what they are wearing has been pre-selected for them. but wearing white socks on a dark suit will certainly give it away.

2. Wear the right shoes
There are shoes that are meant for walking, some that are meant for working, some that are meant for climbing mountains and believe it or not some that are meant to be worn with elegant suits. Bulky shoes have no place at a wedding. You might be going in for a lifetime of married life, but we seriously doubt you'll be encountering any rough terrain on your wedding day!!

3. No excess jewellery
Do not use your wedding day as an excuse to show off your collection of gold and silver. We don't expect any metal detectors at your wedding but we can seriously expect most of your guests to be scanning you from head to toe. One more thing, jewellery is not meant to be worn on top of clothing, unless of course you're having one of those theme weddings.

4. Not too long and not too short
Everyone is aware of the fact that most of what you're wearing is rental. Don't make it too obvious! There is a certain length for trousers that is considered as being the right length (give or take a few millimetres). Same goes for the arm length of the jacket. If in doubt seek advice from a professional, preferably not the same day of your wedding.

5. Tails are not for the short..ish
Height is the determining factor when it comes to choosing the style of your suit. Tails tend not to go very well with men that are not of a certain height. The word penguin comes to mind! Keep in mind as well, that family and/or friends will most probably be wearing the same style of suit as you. The same rules of thumb apply of course.

These few pointers are not intended to be snobbish in any way. We believe there is a right way and a wrong way of doing certain things. Assuming you have chosen to invite the right people to your wedding, some of which knowledgeable about the existence of a right way in doing things, it pays to do the right thing.



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