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Following a BrideMalta Visitor's query about how she could do her gown for her Wedding in December we did some research about Winter Weddings and came up with some interesting information spiced up with our own ideas...

Since you have decided on a December wedding, it is important to remember that the weather during a Maltese December can be chilly with an average 12degrees. Yes your ceremony will be in a church, but unless it is a chapel, there will be plenty of room for cold draughts. Your photographer may ask you to stop on the way to the reception for an outdoor photoshoot, or it may happen at the venue itself outside. The weather could be good enough to open the place for guests to venture outside, but they would be wearing warm clothes which they can vary according to the temperature. You could decide that a dress with long sleeves will be important, or if you really have your heart set on a sleeveless gown you can always wear a dress of heavier fabric and cover up with a small lace jacket or silk shawl. Most designers agree that cool weather fabrics include shantung, brocade, tulle, heavy taffetas, and textured cotton. Others love to work with satin, heavy damasks, moiré, heavy lace, velvet, heavy beadwork. The general consensus we discovered is that winter gowns usually opt for all or most of the following

 Heavy fabrics such as satin, brocade, and velvet
 Long sleeves
 Higher necklines
 Silver or gold accents
 Headpieces that incorporate a hat, possibly made from fur or feathers
 Fur or faux fur trim, or a stole or muff
 Kid gloves
 Lace-up wedding boots
 Bridal coat

The image we most commonly found is that of a ‘Russian Bride’. A white simple gown with white faux fur trim, or gold or silver trim, gold or silver beading and a white, hooded cloak with white faux fur trim. If you want to go the extra mile, you could perhaps also carry a white fur muff, rather than a bouquet. But we offer very good discounts on bouquets and do suggest you visit the ‘Flowers’ section on before deciding. If wearing a gold or silver dress, wear a gold or silver tiara instead of a headpiece or veil.

The internet is rather sparse on Winter Weddings but one of the most helpful websites was the following: which contains a lot of information not only about the Bridal Attire but also about Groom attire etc.

In the old days, a bride simply wouldn't wear a strapless gown in January; today, those notions of seasonally correct attire have been thrown out. However, in general there are fabric and style choices that lend themselves nicely to each season.



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