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Bridal Wear

by I Do! Magazine

A tiara, flowers, a long veil or a short one? The finishing touch to the bridal gown is, of course, the head-dress and this can often cause problems until you find just what you are looking for. Here are a few tips from I DO

A custom-made headpiece appeals to modern brides looking for a unique way to top off their wedding-day ensemble. However, not everyone is prepared to spend a fortune for something which will only be worn once.
Indeed, today's brides are seeking unique ways to head up their wedding-day ensembles. And, no, they don't necessarily want to weigh themselves down with too much grandiose sparkle.
Most of today's brides want a stunning, simple headpiece, inspired by elegant simplicity. They do not want something too overdone.
While the head-dress may be one of the last accessories chosen by a bride, usually after she selects her gown, the decorative statement made by the bridal headpiece may be one of the most important elements of the overall wedding picture.
Tiaras have become popular because they can be very individual, and can be designed to be worn with or without a veil. Everyone likes to feel like a princess on their wedding day.

Here are a few other ways to look regal on that special day:

- Flower power. Flowers, fresh or silk, can complement a bridal gown when worn as a wreath in the hair or sprinkled with jewels and placed on a headband. One large, spectacular blossom can also make a dramatic impact. A word of caution: Make sure the flowers in your hair co-ordinate with the flowers in your bouquet.

- Barrettes and other baubles. Decorative hair ornaments, bows, barrettes, combs and head pins detailed with pearls, gemstones, feathers and crystals
are often a chic way to give hair a touch of glamour.

- Hats on! A charming reminder of days gone by, hats chosen to complement a wedding dress can be a memorable addition to the bride's ensemble. However, keep in mind that the hairstyle is critical and will affect the way a hat will look and feel. Snug, tight-fitting Juliette caps, encrusted with beads or jewels, may also be considered as an alternative to a wider-brimmed chapeau.
For spring and summer, organdy, straw and silk fabrics are delicate choices to accessorise a wedding dress. For a bride who chooses a more casual approach, hats can also dress up an informal wedding suit or less traditional gown.

- Head wraps. In silk or satin, plain or embellished, reminiscent of Flapper days, head wraps are another unusual way to top off a bridal ensemble.

No matter what kind of headgear you choose, however, you must choose the right hairstyle to go with it. Your choice of whether or not to wear a veil is another important consideration. Jewellery should also be kept minimal if wearing an embellished headpiece.

The best advice: Keep it simple. Wear pearls or small diamonds. Leave the sparkle on top and you'll look like a queen.



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