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Bridal Wear

by I Do magazine

Those who firmly believe in abiding by the rules will tell you that if you have been invited to a morning wedding, then you have to wear a hat. Of course, this only makes sense if hats suit you and you can carry one off with aplomb. A hat can be the ultimate accessory to set off your outfit, but it can also spell disaster if you are simply not the hat-wearing type.

Once, society dictated that all women have hats on their heads. Now, to wear one is to express be a diva or be demure. Get sassy one day, coy the next. Demand that your presence be respected.... with vigour, or oh-so-subtlety. A hat can be as unique as your personality. Who do you want to be today?

As with many accessories, you want to complement the overall look with your hat selection. Don't overdo it with a hat of contrasting colours or proportion. A hat that is pinned down at awkward, unnatural angles can be problematic particularly if it falls off!

Hats are more common at outdoor weddings. But it is at these events where they are also the most in jeopardy. Many hats have been known to be upset by even the gentlest of breezes. So in these instances, make sure that the hat is securely anchored, or that you can easily take your hat off and not be left with a hairstyle in disarray.

Hats are selected by using a formula of contrasting your features. If you have a round face, choose a hat that creates a vertical scheme either in shape or fabric pattern. If you have long, thin facial features, choose a hat with a round shape. For scale, a hat should fit your size. Petite women should wear smaller hats, larger women may be able to wear a larger hat.

Finally, a word to the bride: It is not so common nowadays to see a bride wearing a hat rather than a veil or tiara, but if you want to be really different, why not? Who knows? You might even start a fashion trend.

Reproduced courtesy I Do magazine published by Standard Publications Ltd.



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