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Bridal Wear

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Most brides put a herculean effort in choosing just the right gown and then have a problem finding the right pair of shoes. Itís well worth spending those few extra minutes to find a comfortable pair of shoes that will be stood, walked and danced in. Choose your shoes based on comfort even if it costs a little more. You will be grateful for making the investment on your wedding day, after a minimum of 6 hours on your feet. As soon as you choose the dress, start shopping around for shoes. They must be ordered well in advance to arrive in time to get covered or dyed and worn whilst fitting the length of the dress. On the other hand, do not shy away from buying shoes that you can wear with any other outfit. Unless you are ready to cover them, it is very difficult to find a pair of shoes that matches the exact colour of your dress. So if for example you have a dress with silver and pearly beads attached, why not go for a modern pair of silver sandals, which you can then wear for some other less formal occasion?



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