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Bridal Wear

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Blusher - a blusher is worn over the face during the wedding ceremony and lifted by your partner for the kiss. The length of the blusher varies depending on the length of your veil.

Shoulder length - a shoulder length veil falls right at or below the shoulder. This type of veil is most often found in a semi-formal wedding. Some couples choose to use it at formal or casual weddings as well.

Elbow or waist length - this veil falls right to the elbow or the waist. In many cases, the waist and elbow on a person falls at the same place, but occasionally you will find a few inches difference. Some seamstresses prefer one term over the other, but elbow length is the most common term used. This veil length can be used for both formal and semi-formal weddings.

Hip length - this veil falls right around the hip area. It is often a custom size offered by some seamstresses, though it is more widely available than knee length veils. Can be used for both formal and semi-formal weddings.

Fingertip length - the bottom of this veil falls right at the fingertips of the bride if her hands are at her side. This veil length is used in both formal and semi-formal weddings.

Knee length - the knee length veil is a custom size that is offered by some seamstresses. The bottom of the veil falls right around knee length. If you are short in stature, this may be where a pre-made fingertip length veil falls due to your height. Can be used in formal or semi-formal weddings.

Waltz or ballerina length - also called walking length veil, the waltz length veil falls around mid-calf. Most often used in formal weddings, but it may also be used in semi-formal weddings.

Floor length - often used interchangeably with chapel length, a floor length veil is even with the floor when a bride has her shoes on. Often used in formal weddings and with a chapel or cathedral length wedding gown. Generally used in formal weddings.

Chapel length - often used interchangeably with floor length, a chapel length veil either barely dusts the floor or is a few inches longer. Used with chapel length and cathedral length gowns and is generally used in formal weddings.

Cathedral length - will extend at least one foot behind the bride and often extends further. This type of veil length is often used in very formal (ultra formal) weddings and is most often used with a cathedral length gown.



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