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The Couple

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The wedding season is here and for those who are single that means the onset of “and guest” anxiety. For those who have never been exposed, "and guest" anxiety is a panic attack induced in single people who receive wedding invitations addressed to them "and guest."

Now on the one hand, it's great to be allowed to bring a date, especially when the only people you'll know could be the bride or groom. Besides, if you're over 35 and single, the one thing you do know is that it's likely that you'll be the only "uncoupled" person in attendance. But this is where the anxiety kicks in – who to bring?

Invite the guy you just started dating.
While seemingly a no-brainer, unfortunately this is not always the best idea. Why? Because somehow, no matter how you phrase it, "Will you do me a favour and attend this wedding with me?" will always be heard as, "Will you walk down the aisle and let me bear your children?" And shortly thereafter, your new guy will disappear faster than you can say ‘commitment’.

Invite the guy you've been dating for three to six months.
This tends to backfire for almost the same reason cited in Option 1. However, the blame here is on all those annoying people who repeatedly ask throughout the blessed event if you two will be next. Ready or not, your relationship just got stuck in fast forward; and you both spend the rest of the evening contemplating the possibility of spending the rest of your life with this person. By the car ride home your relationship is as over as Ben and Jen. In fact, it's doubtful that you'll even make it to the bouquet toss. (Note to readers–never ever, ever catch the bouquet. If it's coming your way, yell "Look out!" duck, and watch the 20-somethings dive for it. Way more fun!)

Invite the guy you've been dating for more than six months.
Does this category even exist? One hairdresser claims he never wants to hear a guy's name unless a girl has been dating him for two appointments in a row. Which bring us to…

Invite your bachelor brother or gorgeous gay friend
Tempt one with the potential for cute bridesmaids and the other with cute groomsmen. Only downside? They hook up and you end up going home alone to watch Celebrity Hookups on E! Television all by your single self.

Invite an ex-boyfriend.
While you may not have always had the best taste in men, most probably had decent enough table manners and would be unlikely to pick their nose or do something to embarrass you at dinner. But then this alternative would include all the potential downsides listed in Options 1, 2, and 4 plus a few others that we don't need to go into.

Invite your best girlfriend.
Consider it a ladies’ night out. Have a little champagne, flirt with the bartender, and do the Macarena. Of course you risk a future of hearing, "See, I told you she was a lesbian."

Go it alone.
While you risk the bride's wrath for wrecking her carefully crafted seating chart, there may just be the possibility of a bachelor cousin or even a singles table.



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