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The Couple

submitted by Familjakana May 2005 - Translated by O. Theuma

Alexia, a young mother, has the habit of writing a diary for her 4 year old son. In this diary she talks about and passes on to him, her values, and hopes that when he grows up, he will read it and know more about life. Alexia decided to share a few thoughts from this diary with our readers.

Monday 14th
Dear Emerson,
It’s not what you say, but what you do that counts. It’s no use forgiving if you’re not ready to forget. And, it’s worth nothing giving something to others and then expecting something in return. Good night - mum

Thursday 17th
Dear Emerson,
I have to add something to what I said last Monday. When you receive a good deed, say ‘Thank you’, but this is not enough. It’s important that you appreciate the gesture and that your ‘Thank you’ is coming from the heart. On the other hand, if you do something wrong to someone, you should ask pardon. But even this is not enough because not everybody is ready to forgive. You have to show that you’re really sorry for what you did and will never repeat it. When you’re ready to accept someone’s pardon and really forgive, you have to forget the bad deed and remember all the good ones.
Good night - mum

Tuesday 22nd
Dear Emerson,
Life is only leant to us. Thus you should be happy with life even if it’s a short one. Appreciate all that surrounds you. Never feel inferior to others because on earth everyone is the same.
Love you – mum

Friday 25th
Dear Emerson,
Remember that for every bad thing that happens to you in life, a good one follows. Never discourage yourself. Be sure of what you do and if you do not succeed try and try again until you are successful. In life you meet a lot of obstacles, and people who try to intrude, but never let anybody put down your morale. When someone talks to you, listen attentively because it might be beneficial to you. Reflect and then decide for yourself.
Good night - mum

Sunday 27th
Dear Emerson,
Do not judge others. And when you are judged see if they are in the right: if so, change your attitude; if not, just forget it. You know yourself.
Do not gossip about people because later on you might have to take back what you would have said. If someone asks your advice, be careful what you say. If you are incapable don’t say anything. Do not let anybody speak for you. Voice your opinion.
Never say “I love you” if you don’t really understand and feel it, because just one word may affect your whole life.
Good night. I am going to sleep as tomorrow I have to go to work – mummy

Wednesday 30th
Dear Emerson,
Use what I am writing as your guidelines. If everyone does this, surely there’ll be peace in the world. Read carefully and see all that is relevant to you or where you are weak, and then read it twice again. Think about it, use your brains and ask yourself, “Does this make sense to me?”
Sleep well my son - mum

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