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The Couple

submitted by Familjakana February 2005

Keith and Lorna are a young married couple who like to meet and confide in other more experienced couples, couples who have already faced life, know what parenthood is and have also experienced married life`s ups and downs.

On one such encounter, the young couple were confiding in two of their friends, while eagerly taking in all that their friends told them. During their conversation, our young couple were also thinking that perhaps married life was less complicated than it is today.

Keith had started talking about his doubts and fears, confessing that at times he thought things looked so hopeless: "How is it possible for us to have a child`s only recently that I have started working, after all, should we bring a child into a world which is tormented with so many problems?"

Lorna added; "How can I be sure we would be able to bring up a child properly? I`m afraid we would not be able to make the necessary sacrifices. I am also certain that, if I stayed at home taking care of a child, my career would be adversely affected".

These are the fears Keith and Lorna were disclosing to the other couple, two grandparents who had more than one grandchild.

It could be that Keith and Lorna were not searching for any new answers to their dilemmas, perhaps they were just availing themselves of an opportunity to express their inner fears, deep fears about their future, about their growing old, about when they would become parents.

The older experienced couple tried to give a helping hand to Keith and Lorna. The man, one who had already experienced a life full of its happy moments and its sorrows, a father who had brought up five children, intervened in the conversation, saying to Keith and Lorna that: "We owe our life to the eternal Father. We become parents because God loves life. We are called to donate life. Thanks to Divine providence, we have never lacked anything. There were times when we were confused and did not know what to do next and it was on such occasions that somehow a new path appeared before us, a path we never knew had even existed. Providence has never let us down. Have faith in it."

Similarly, his wife told Keith and Lorna: "You have to realize that your very doubts and fears can be a source of encouragement for you. Just as a bird is only able to fly because it has faith in itself and trusts itself to the wind, so can you really live by courageously having faith in yourselves and entrusting your lives to God`s providence.
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