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The Horseshoe: Bring horseshoes into your wedding and good fortune will rule the start of your new life.
There are a million ways how to introduce a horseshoe in your wedding day. Whether it is round your wrist or on your wedding cake as part of your cake topper, brides have also combined horseshoes with other charms such as a shoe (an English symbol of luck).
Horseshoes have appeared as symbols of luck in many cultures for hundreds of years, but the custom of using them at weddings comes primarily from Great Britain and Ireland.
Some folk stories say that a horseshoe must be worn pointing up so that it will collect and hold luck. Other contend that wearing it pointing down will ensure that happiness pours from the horseshoe onto its wearer. So it seems that no matter how a bride chooses to wear it, she will be lucky.

Follow the old tradition and bring one in your wedding. Try one of the following ideas:
Dangle a horseshoe from your wrist, or wear a horseshoe charm around your wrist or neck orů give several as gifts to your attendants. You can also display a buffet of horseshoe-shaped sweets for all to enjoy (for example: prepare a decorated basket of shortcake biscuits in the form of horseshoes to be given out by the bridesmaids to the guests whilst they are waiting for the couple to come out of the church). Or have a plain guest book decorated/printed with horseshoe icons for guests to write notes in to remind you, long after the wedding day, of how fortunate you are to have so many friends and family members wishing you well.

Come up with ideas of your own how to introduce a horseshoe in this special time: try to get hold of an old horseshoe, even if it is very old and rusted! Try cleaning rust with some mild acid and a wire brush- you will be very surprised with the result. Once polished to a dull silver look, leave as is or spray it with any colour of your choice. Then display it anywhere in your home. A nifty idea is to hang it with the bow on your front door. Or perhaps on your wedding cards table or as a paper weight on your guest book.



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