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Faith & Religion

by Belong Group

BELONG is a Group in Malta which brings together couples who are preparing for marriage, and also those in their early years of married life. It is a reference point to those who desire to enhance their relationship and a great place to meet other couples who share the same values.

The vision of BELONG is in its name because the group's aim is to help couples; belong to each other as they nurture their relationship, belong to a group where Christian values are shared, and belong to God as the foundation of their marriage.

BELONG holds open Monthly Meetings which create a contemporary environment as modern audio-visuals are frequently used. Meetings are varied and interactive and can be freely attended without any obligation. Various topics are discussed such as relationship issues and practical situations of married life. They end with a short time of Adoration and then refreshments are freely served.

The group organises also day seminars for couples in a steady relationship and weekend seminars for married couples. The group holds great social activities such as picnics, BBQs, New Years Eve celebrations, Eucharistic Celebrations, Meal and more.

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