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Engaged couples planning for a Catholic marriage must attend the Course of Preparation for Catholic Marriage organized by the Cana Movement, preferably two years prior to the date of marriage.

The course is held three times a year in January, April and October in several localities and couples may attend any one of them. Booking is made ​​directly with the parish where the couple will attend. Details may be found by visiting the relevant section of the Cana website: where details are available according to the preferred month. The applicable fee is 35.00 per couple. At the end of the course, the couple is given a certificate to be presented when the couple begin the process of marriage registration.

Each course consists of ten meetings, one each week. The engaged couples are each given a booklet to help them follow the meetings, and to also work exercises both jointly and individually.

Closer to the wedding date, the couple will also attend what is called 'Immediate Setup for Marriage', organized by the parish directly and not by the Cana Movement. In the end, the couple is also provided with an additional certificate that must be presented with the first certificate.

You are invited to explore the subjects to be discussed in the course, by following the link in the Course Subjects (find on You may also download the application for the course from that same page.

Information obtained from Cana Movement website



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