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Along with the many details to be considered is finding a beautiful and appropriate location for your mass. As you look for the location of your wedding, remember to ask for the counsel of the priest that will be available to you long after you’ve put the gown and tuxedos away.

A beautiful setting is very important. Remember to consider the size of the church seating and the number of guests you invite. Take note that a good number of the guests will be attending the mass, except if the wedding is held on a Friday or any other work day. The bride experiences a really warm feeling as she enters the church and all the people who really care for her and the groom. Also, some churches have a more romantic and warm atmosphere which you will immediately feel as soon as you enter, these usually being small and old churches or chapels. Never forget parking facilities…as the bride you will not be having problems with parking but your guests will and you don’t want them to arrive late for the ceremony as they drive around looking for parking.
Most churches accept a small donation for the service they have provided you with. Remember that every little helps to pay for expenses such as electricity especially if the church is air-conditioned.

There are a number of requirements and a good amount of paperwork to be cleared.

Think well in advance about the Ta’ Kana course- book early as you might find that the course in the location you wish to attend in is fully booked early on. You might want to start this about 1 to 1˝ years prior to the wedding date.

Set an appointment with the parish priest to see whether the are some conditions to fulfill as well as any ‘location rules’ such as where confetti are and are not allowed. Some parishes might hold extra courses for their parishioners who are getting married.

Set another appointment with the kurja at least 8 weeks prior to the big date as you will have to approach your respective parish priest, one after the other in order to have the marriage bans displayed for two consecutive Sundays on the respective church notice boards.



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