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Planning a wedding is undoubtedly one of the most stressful activities you can do, especially with all the modern pressures of the perfect dress, perfect venue and perfect planning. Even choosing the flowers can turn into a complete nightmare. Many people are now holding their weddings abroad, getting away from it all. A different setting makes for a fresh start to a new life marked by a more intimate ceremony attended by the people that really matter. The holiday spirit also seems to take over and things like flowers and place-cards simply are easier to choose or simply no longer an issue.

Malta has a thriving wedding industry, as the Maltese realise their beautiful island is an idyllic backdrop for couples in love. Because so many people come here to exchange their vows, there is a great infrastructure in place to allow you to organise all the finer details and to really customise your own wedding. Many couples like taking their vows on an empty white sandy beaches as it is a very romantic atmosphere. However, there are also many luxury hotels and beautiful venues on offer to hold huge glamorous events if that is the kind of occasion you envisage. For a mix of the two, you can get married in one of the island`s stunning churches or chapels or even rent out an event room in medieval castles or baroque palaces for a real day to remember.

Catering is fantastic in Malta as the old UK influence and influx of tourists from all over the globe has meant you can have any style of buffet from international style buffet with curries, traditional roast meats or a cold spread to the latest fusion buffets , or you can dine on some fine Maltese cuisine with its Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern influences. Bridal shops are plentiful so you can buy your dream wedding dress and accessories to ensure you have a totally unique outfit. There are photographers, wedding planners and fantastic musicians of all styles available to help make your Maltese wedding that extra bit more personal and special.

A wedding in Malta is less stressful as well because you can almost guarantee that the weather will be beautiful and that the photos will turn out amazingly. You can combine the wedding with a fantastic stag do or hen do in parts of the island which are incredible for nights out. Not only are there great restaurants offering Maltese food and seafood delicacies, but there are a range of cocktail bars, themed nights and clubs and classy wine bars to try out.

The perfect Maltese wedding could also combine the ceremony itself with your honeymoon. This would give you time to explore the beautiful island in it`s entirety and also spend some well-deserved time together as newly-weds away from the world and its pressures. Not only could you enjoy the warm weather and the beautiful beaches, but there are numerous activities to do with your new spouse like water-skiing, snorkelling or even taking on an art course. To be honest though, you will probably want to savour your time alone. Luckily with such cheap calls abroad available with modern phone providers, you can keep your family happy in the knowledge you are enjoying your new wedded bliss, whilst keeping them at the distance all newly-weds need!

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