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You have probably dreamt about your special day all your life and wondered what your honeymoon is going to be like. For certain people, there is no doubt in their mind as to what the destination for their honeymoon is going to be. They have probably fantasized about it long before they decided to tie the knot. For others, however, it might not be so plain sailing. “Difficult? Choosing your honeymoon?” you might say. Choosing the right destination for you might be harder and probably less enjoyable that you have imagined:

1) The biggest obstacle of all is the cost. Whether you’ve chosen your destination or not, whether you’ve decided on how many days you want to spend on holiday, unless you can fit it in your budget, you’re going nowhere. You should give your travel consultant a rough idea on how much you are willing to spend (or can afford). It might not be so easy to come up with this figure, especially if you’re in the process of agreeing on a budget for the actual wedding. This is necessary however, as many hidden costs can very often blow the price beyond your imagination. Some are lucky and need not worry about the financial aspect of their honeymoon – lucky them.

2) Some couples can’t make up their mind because they want their destination to be somewhat original i.e. not popular choices such as the Caribbean or USA. This might create some difficulty both on your part and also on the travel consultant, as you would probably have to rely on hearsay and brochures to create that unique holiday.

3) Some couples aren’t exactly the adventurous type and so ‘plan-as-you-go’ holidays aren’t their cup of tea. These people might find comfort in the fact that there are a number of packaged holidays on the market, especially for honeymooners. If sightseeing is also not your thing, you might opt to go to these all-inclusive resorts whereby the only decision you’ll ever need to make is what food to order next.

Whether you have everything planned to the dot, or still making up your mind, we recommend you do your own research before you leave, even if your travel agent has thought of everything for you. We strongly believe in the Internet as an invaluable tool to get all the information you might need. It might be a daunting task as first, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for but in the long run you’ll find it was worth every second (and byte) when you realize you’ve made the right choice.



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