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Beauty & Nails

by G. Axiak

Why not say "I DO" in style! Light nail colours and pastels are perfect for the day. Pearl, gold and pink lacquers or just a simple french manicure would be ideal to achieve that radiant beauty.

It was only in the last decade or so, that artificial nail extensions and other nail applications became popular. There were a number of reasons for this. First, there were not enough professional technicians around to do the job well. Secondly, the mentality of the majority of Maltese women at the time was such, that make-up started and finished at their faces. Another reason was the cost. This resulted in only a small section of Maltese society could afford to improve the look of their hands. Also products at that time was not of a very refined nature as they are today, and therefore, this made the end result not natural and attractive. Certainly not what you would like for your Big Day!

Fortunately most of the problems have now been solved. There are now good professional nail technicians who have undergone extensive courses both in Malta and abroad. This results in healthy competition that has helped to keep the cost of artificial nail application relatively low by today’s standards. Consequently this has made it affordable for women lower down the scales of Maltese society. Also more and more women are more conscious of the importance of having beautiful hands and nails on that day. Indeed, for some, their hands and nails are their body’s best assets as they pose for the photographer and videographer.

Unfortunately, some people still think that nail applications, especially extensions can be harmful and impair the growth of the natural nail. This is completely unfounded, in fact artificial nails can improve natural nails by protecting them from biting, picking with sharp objects and contamination with elements and chemicals that can weaken and damage them.

One common complaint mostly by skeptics is that artificial nails are very fragile and easily broken. This again is untrue, as artificial nails are stronger and more resilient than natural ones of the same length. Of course, if one is normally used to biting or keeping the nails short it is obvious that once nail extensions are applied, the chances of having breakages is higher.

If you wish to keep those beautiful nails past the big day, technicians recommend maintenance every two weeks or so. This entails the filling in the area near the cuticle; between the natural nail that has grown and where the artificial nail is attached. This infill includes re-sanitizing and reapplying the acrylic where it has grown out. Sanitation is very important as moisture and bacteria can easily accumulate between the natural and artificial nail. This is where the eye of the trained professional technician comes in, as it can be spotted early to prevent serious damage later on.

A word of advice for nail biters. It is an established fact that nine out of ten people have stopped the bad habit with artificial nail applications. There are two reasons for this: First, nail biters know how bad their habits are and yearn to have beautiful hands for the first time in their lives. Secondly, once they have spent time and money on making their hands beautiful, they are less likely to ruin them.

One of the main attractions of acrylic nails is that because of their length, nail technicians or nail artists can create unique designs that can envy many eyes. Nail polish is very critical: waiting for polish is tiresome but the slower it dries the better. Slower evaporating solvents produce brighter colours and remember that blowing on the polish will lower adhesion and gloss!!!

Brides have this incredible way of looking absolutely amazing on their wedding day, with an eye for detail every step of the way. Remember if the nails are short begin growing them out or consider acrylic tips or wraps, and if possible start monthly manicures and pedicures. Also exfoliate your hands for a silky touch. Drink plenty of water, relax and smile!



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