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Beauty & Nails

by Laura dos Remedios

As a makeup artist, I notice peoples' makeup when I am out and about, shopping etc. and I notice a lot of women who are wearing the wrong shade of foundation for their skin tone.

The job of foundation is to give the appearance of naturally gorgeous skin, not to change its colour. (That is the job for bronzers.) It should be unnoticeable to anyone but you.

The only way to find the right colour for your skin is to be brave and go shopping with no foundation on, armed with a compact mirror, and try the bases on your face. Blend a small amount onto your cheek, near your jaw, and go out of the shop into the daylight. If it is the right colour you’ll barely see it, it should match and blend right in with your actual skin colour. You may have to buy two foundations and blend them together to get the right colour. (In fact, when I am working, I find it is rare that I don’t have to “mix” to get the right colour for the model) This may sound pricey but as your skin colour can vary with the seasons, it really makes sense.

After finding the right colour base (if you haven’t bought one of the “Crème to powder” foundations) don’t go putting the wrong colour powder on or you will ruin your hard work, the best option is to buy a “translucent” powder, which is slightly paler, as it will not affect the colour but will “set” your base.

N.B. Most of us have a yellow undertone to our skin; a pink undertone is very rare. Steer clear of any base that looks slightly pink or orange…

If you are Black, you will either have yellow or red undertones. Very often the central panel of your face is lighter that the outer part of your face, try to get a base that is a shade between the two tones.

I also recommend spending as much as you can afford on your foundation and powder. You can get away with cheap mascaras and lipsticks etc. but you can tell a cheap base a mile off!



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