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The most complete records you'll have of your wedding day is your video. Don't be tempted to skip this exciting collection of memories.

Before interviewing videographers, check with your church to see if there are any restrictions placed on the cameras. The best coverage comes from 2 cameras; one for close-ups of the wedding couple and another in the balcony, capturing the entire processional and recessional.

When selecting a videographer, watch their demonstration tapes. A good videographer will have good sharp focus, close-ups when appropriate, clear voices and smooth transitions from one scene to the next. They should be able to add titles, music, fade-ins and outs and possibly even morphing when the bride and groom are aged from babies to adulthood within seconds. The finished video can include interviews with families and friends, baby photos of the couple and sometimes footage of the rehearsal. Some videographers may even do a moving engagement session at the beach or in a park.

Videographers may charge per camera, per hour or by a complete package. Prices vary according to simple editing in the camera, titles, music and other special effects.

Finished videos are generally 45 minutes to 1 hour long, depending on the size of the wedding. Some creative videographers will do a synopsis of the entire day in the last 5 minutes of the tape. Others will highlight the bride with some of the tape not used in the final version. Ask the videographer if you can buy the unedited tape. Its fun viewing for you and your partner, but usually a little long for outsider viewing.

If an elderly parent, grandparent or foreign relative can't be present at the wedding, the video is the ideal gift to them. It's second only to being there.



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