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by RubenBuhagiarPHOTOGRAPHY

Who will actually photograph our wedding?

It will be exclusively me. My style of coverage suits our work method and we do not employ others to shoot on my behalf. After all, our clients would have commissioned my art.

Will we be able to have some formal family photographs taken?

Yes of course. Too many staged shots can interrupt the flow of the day, but I appreciate that there are some family photographs that you may desire. They are classical, and ones you fall back to to re-acquaint yourself with the people present To photograph these normally takes 15 – 20 minutes but it very much depends on where it's done and everyone necessary being available. I usually recommend doing them just after the ceremony. This is all agreed before the day so that it can be as effortless as possible and everyone can get on with enjoying the celebrations!

Will we have the final say on which images are included in our album?

Yes. Once your images have been processed, we will send them over to you in the form of proofs. This is your opportunity to inform us of any that you do wish to have. You will then be provided with the ones you’ve chosen as originals. You might choose to have them all, for which we do give a special offer. We do recommend that we will print them out for you in order to ensure the best quality, since the printing process is an entirely different process in its own right. We could then design and order your album, but this will ultimately be entirely your choice and you can do so at your own pace.
A musical slideshow with all the processed photos will always be artistically created for you to show to your friends and relatives.

Do you choose our photographs for the album?

No. You do :) But we can also choose them together. We find that the majority of our clients are extremely busy professionals who have no time for sorting through hundreds of images trying to narrow them down for the album. What we do is edit the images down to those that actually worked. There's absolutely no point presenting images which are out of focus, poorly exposed or are absolute duplicates. (Remember that our cameras are capable of taking several images per second - something we do during the formal photos for example, to counteract the risk of someone in the line-up blinking!) Once we have eliminated these, we will then present you the proofs with what's left. This is where you get to choose. At this stage, the musical slideshow will be handed over to you in order to show to your friends and relatives, whilst the album, should you choose to take this option, will be designed and commissioned. During this process we ask you to tell us if there's anything in there that you don't want & we redesign accordingly. It's simple & it's absolutely the most effective way of giving you the best possible product & you can be completely satisfied that you like (or at the very least want) every single image that's in your album. By the way – I am not one who feels I need to take 10000 images to get a handful of great ones!

How long approximately will it be before we receive our photos?

No work will be done on the photos for the first week after the wedding date. This allows me to become detached and look at them in an objective way. It is then that the processing (the longest part of the job) begins and each and every photo comes to you after having been vetted by me personally to ensure that it represents exactly what I saw and what had prompted me to take that photo. This process normally takes 2 to 3 months, but no longer.

I am worried about spots/skin-blemishes which may be highlighted in the photographs. Are you able to 'photoshop' these out

In the majority of cases this is quite routine work for us and we don't charge a penny extra for doing so. What we do ask, is that you tell us in advance (or on the day) if you have a worry about something like that so that we can consider it when we're actually photographing. This is the reason for our meetings prior to the date, besides the fact that we do get to know each other better and ensure that we are on the same wavelength.
Every image we prepare for you is checked and adjusted, if necessary, in Photoshop anyway but we're very careful not to 'clone out' anything obvious without permission - it's easy to offend someone!

I understand that you charge extra 'sometimes' for travel/accommodation. How do you calculate this?

Since our home base is in Malta, If attending your wedding incurs a significant travel outside the Maltese Islands, I will indicate this to you before you book and provide a quote. We charge this supplement at 'cost'. You might also have other facilities arranged already for your guests, whereby it might also be cost-effective to you to add us.

How are you able to deliver the photos so quickly compared to the photographers that my friends used?

Back in the times of film, we remember that we couldn’t wait to get to the laboratory to have our images printed. It is what we called the suspense, maybe the magic of seeing your print, and the excitement (or disappointment) at seeing the end result. Digital photography put an end to that for the photographers (it does have its considerable advantages, mind you) but this emotion is still felt by every bride and groom. We strongly believe that it's important to deliver your photos to you whilst the memories are fresh in your mind. However, within the second week, we will give you the ‘first ones off the mill’ – basically glimpses of the whole set. This helps greatly in quenching the thirst and puts one’s mind at peace.

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