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The big day arrives and itís time to open the front door to let in the photographer and videographer. Itís your big day so you may be nervous but you are secure in the knowledge that you planned, discussed and agreed upon things, prior to the day.

Some points you might want to discuss well in advance are:
- Particular shots you specifically want taken for example: family portraits, photos with friends, etc. Perhaps photos when you are not posing but just talking to your guests. Discuss this with the photographer prior to the wedding as some photographers will only take photos where people are posed; this will complement the video which will capture the flow of movement of a wedding better than a still picture.
- Remember that every photographer and videographer has their own style and the two might not always work well together. So if you set your heart on a particular photographer or videographer ask them specifically if they work with someone in particular or if they would like to suggest anyone. If the two work well with each other the end result will show it, as they will make you feel more comfortable and will not give you such a hard time - one of them will be working round the other and only intervene for particular shots
- Usually most of the photos are taken in one room (usually the parentís room), so discuss with your parents which room is going to be used, in order to plan the decor well before the wedding (painting, carpeting, curtains even flower arrangements). You will be surprised how often this proves to be a great excuse for re-doing the whole house! Another room very commonly used for taking photos is the sitting room - this would have been already suitably decorated with cards and other presents on display.

The photographer and videographer usually visit the groomís residence three hours before the ceremony and the brideís residence an hour later.

Portraits of the bride are taken, followed by the mother of the bride and the bride herself in poses like rearranging the veil, then obviously follow photos with the bridesmaids, maid of honour, brothers and/or sisters, flower girls/page boys and with the father so everyone has to be ready well before the mass.
The same goes for the groom who poses with his parents, best man/men and ushers.

Since the groom and his entourage must be ready well before it is time to leave for the church, it is common practice to change back into casual clothes until the cars come to pick them up.

Inside the church most photos are taken after the mass is finished and usually a stop is done on the way to the reception where photos of the newly wed are taken in a particular setting. If a particular location is desired discuss this with the photographer and videographer before the wedding. This is also a point to be kept in mind when choosing the church - if you set your heart upon a certain location for photos, make sure it is not too far away from the reception venue in order not to let your guests wait for a long time.

Many couples are greeted at the venue entrance by an enlarged portrait photo selected from the pre-wedding photo-shoot. Remember to keep this in mind when choosing the one to enlarge.

Discuss the flow of events with the photographer and videographer i.e. at what stages of the reception do you want to take the various shots. For photos involving a number of individuals, make sure you get help from the bestman, organizer (if you have one), bridesmaids or family members to round up the particular guests. You will be having the time of your life being the centre of everyoneís attention so time will fly - prepare your helpers well in advance and if necessary give them a particular time when you want the photos to be taken.

More photos and video segments will be taken as youíre dancing so you may want to practice or perhaps take a couple of dancing lessons before the big day, keeping in mind that there will be evidence of this for the rest of your lives!

Before you know it, it will be time to cut the cake. You sink your knife into the delicious pastry amidst claps, shouts, whistle, party poppers and flashing of lights as the moment is saved on photo and video Ė enjoy the moment and smile from the heart as it is a lovely picture to frame.

Good Luck!



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