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by ESM

In the previous article, ‘The Instrumental Element’, we briefly introduced the role of musical entertainment at weddings. Let’s describe in more detail why music is so important.

First of all we must go through the instances where music sets the mood throughout the event. We will start from the ceremony. It may be either civil or religious; in any case music welcomes the Bride at the door and accompanies her on her way to the Groom. We will not go into the details concerned with music at ceremonies in this article, but it is quite obvious that it does play a most important role. Although as yet not quite popular, some couples also decide to have some sort of musical ensemble to greet them outside of the ceremony venue, usually a church with a large ‘zuntier’ (parvis), to create a more joyous atmosphere just after the most important part of the event.

By the time the newly wed couple is happily posing for some photos outside of the ceremony venue, back at the wedding reception guests are already gradually arriving in time to welcome the couple. By then, any musical setup should be in place, and providing some sort of background music. After some time, the newly weds appear at the door, and guess what? the entertainers are cued to play the ‘Wedding March’ or some other grand entrance song. Upon hearing the familiar tune, guests at the other end of the venue come rushing to catch a glimpse of the couple. From there on we may consider that some kind of music, whatever the style, is to be heard constantly all the way during the event and throughout the venue. Traditionally, background music is performed while the couple meets most of the guests, up until the time comes for the first dances. Here, again, the musical setup is a make or break factor, particularly if the couple wishes to have a livelier atmosphere and thus the setup would be needed to provide a good session of lively dance music.

The next highlight of the event is the cutting of the cake where without adequate celebratory music, the required atmosphere is quite impossible to achieve. Eventually, the ‘going away’ is again marked and announced by particularly lively music, thus bringing to an end an eventful day where music wasn’t just an added luxury but a determining factor.

Fine, we’ve realized that music is one of the most important considerations when planning for the big day. But what’s to be done about it? How shall one choose the right setup? And what are the points to make clear before committing to any booking?

Look out for the next article where we will answer some of these questions in detail!



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