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by ESM

Planning a wedding ceremony and reception is a most challenging task encountered by hundreds of couples all year round. And not surprisingly, considering the amount of money involved. Every couple spends a lot of time assessing the various features that make a complete wedding. Due to various reasons, one of the very first things to be decided upon is the wedding venue. From there on, it is a combination of tradition and individuality that beget the famous priority list.

This article will take into consideration the entertainment aspect of a wedding. Though a crucial part in any event, let alone weddings, some couples do not give this element the attention it deserves in the wedding planning priorities. As yet, it is not generally seen as a make or break factor, but the fact remains that music should hold its place at the very top of the priority list.

Just as the bride takes into consideration the overall colour scheme of the wedding attire, and the adequate amount of servers needed that would be able to professionally serve the food fare chosen, entertainment should also be given the same respect. Choosing from what is left available should not be an option to any couple. The entertainers chosen have to be part and parcel of the whole wedding plan.

It is recommended that a list of questions in relation to entertainment is compiled, regarding aspects such as venue, guests, atmosphere and budget. Couples should start thinking about entertainment as soon as the date is set and once they have a clear idea on what they are looking for.

The venue is definitely a crucial factor if the couple is planning to have entertainment till the early hours of morning, while the type and number of guests invited may hint towards the genre of music to be chosen. Usually couples getting married are quite concerned about the kind of atmosphere that they would like to have during their reception, but fail to recognize that such events do not take less than five hours, during which more than one atmosphere may be created. Would the chosen setup be versatile enough to switch from one mood to another?

As in all other major areas, choosing the appropriate musical setup is no easy job if planning is not done at an early stage. On the other hand with a little thinking work and proper guidance, musical entertainment could prove to be one of the most instrumental features in a wedding.



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