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Music is the gift of song that you give your guests. It weaves a thread of continuity throughout your wedding day. It starts at the mass and then continues and ends at the reception. When deciding your performing artists, try to match your style or theme, making certain the artist specialises in weddings and is knowledgeable in the type of music you want. Ideas include: a string quartet, harpist, violinist, disc jockey, vocalist piano player. Try and keep a style of music for example if you are having an opera singer at the church avoid having disc jockey or a loud band at the reception. Of importance to all people hiring musicians should be fees, availability and the variety of music performed. Since music styles, preferences and capabilities differ greatly, a wise couple will not only make an effort to hear a musician or disc jockey perform before hiring but will also ask every imaginable question to ensure acceptability. Most musicians will gladly provide times and locations of their next engagements.
A band can bring a room to life and start all toes tapping. Wedding specialists know how to appeal to all ages. They have an incredible variety of music at their fingertips and know all the secrets of getting the guests to dance. You might want to ask them like: what time they will arrive, what is their attire, how many breaks they will take and the music that will fill that gap, if they have. Whether they can play requests and if you want a special song, whether they can provide it. It is important to discuss such items as cost, cost per hour of overtime, are they available for overtime and from what time the overtime starts.

Check first with your wedding hall and church to be certain what kind of music is permitted and as regards the hall, till what time music is permitted.

Whether prominently performed or played in the background, music changes ‘a nice wedding’ into ‘a lovely ceremony and beautiful reception’. It makes the time go quickly and fills the silence between conversations and dinner courses like nothing else.



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