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by The Floral Designer

Many brides raise questions regarding how they can preserve their wedding bouquet for an indefinite period (whenever possible). Below are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning this subject.

Q1: After spending so much money on flowers, how can I preserve my bouquet?
A1: Flowers are one of the central elements in a wedding, especially the bridal bouquet. Many brides often wish to be able to keep their bridal bouquets after their wedding as a testament of their love. Using techniques, The Floral Designer can fulfill the dreams of many brides who wish to preserve their bridal bouquets.

Q2: How do I get started?
A2: For The Floral Designer to deliver the best results, early planning is strongly recommended. A consultation appointment is required prior to the wedding to discuss the various details of the floral design. On the day after your wedding day, the bridal bouquet has to be delivered to the designer. The preservation process will then take place.

Q3: How long will it take to preserve my bridal bouquet?
A3: After we have received your bridal bouquet, it takes approximately 60 days to complete the process. The actual time required may vary depending on weather conditions and the size of the bouquet. All art work is done on a customer-by-customer basis - from preserving your bouquet, choosing the adequate frame, to designing the picture itself.

Q4: How long will my preserved bridal bouquet last?
A4: The life of your preserved bridal bouquet can vary depending on the types of flowers, the care you provide and the weather of your region. To prevent early deterioration, your preserved bridal bouquet should avoid direct and strong lighting, such as sunlight and/or spotlights. The preserved bridal bouquet should not be displayed in places of high humidity. Maintenance is recommended every one to two years. With proper care the preserved bridal bouquet can last decades. We provide 'care instructions' to customers so you will know how to display and take care of your artwork.

Q5: Will the colors of my bridal bouquet be the same once it is preserved?
A5: In the process, moisture is extracted from the flowers. As a result, the color pigments of the flowers will have a slightly stronger hue than the fresh flowers.

Q6: Will time cause a further change in the color of my preserved bridal bouquet?
A6: The color pigment of the flowers will diffuse or fade with time. This is a natural occurrence which can give the preserved bridal bouquet a distinctive shade and feel. Some flowers that tend to have premature fading may be hand tinted (a very labor-intensive process) to avoid advanced discoloration. The result can prolong the life of flowers for years of enjoyment.

Q7: What are the different types of preservation available?
A7: Preservations can take place using two different techniques:
i) Pressed and Framed Bouquet.
ii) Waxed and Box-framed Bouquet.
The Pressed technique involves choosing the best petals out of the whole bouquet. These are the pressed delicately and then mounted into a beautiful design after which framing takes place.
The art of waxed flowers includes drying the whole bouquet in preparation for the wax dipping process each individual stem, after which the entire bouquet is reconstructed and mounted in a boxed frame.



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