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Thank goodness for the bouquet. It steadies your hands before you take those first thrilling steps. As you walk, you begin to notice the happy wonders that characterise the day: Who knew white flowers could be made so colorful? Spice up the traditional white bouquet with a touch of colour. An armful of white flowers, including lily-of-the-valley, freesia and sweet peas can be bound with a black-and-white sash tied in a grand bow or the colour of your brides maidsí dresses (especially if they have a strong, dark colour). The fresh, crisp purity of white and the powerful drama of black or any dark colour create a combination that is striking, chic and timeless. Flower arrangements incorporating these classic colours are rare and enchanting alternatives to the familiar pastels and jewel-tone bouquets. Since you donít come across pure black flowers in nature, it requires imagination and a flair for design. Luxurious ribbons, trimmings or glossy black beaded flowers, can also provide the contrast and heighten the couture effect of these brilliant bouquets.

Remember that flowers speak a language all of their own. There are entire books written just on the meaning of flowers. Perhaps some of the flowers in your bouquet or table centre piece can say more to your guests than you can all day. However, always take in consideration the advice of your florist as some flowers have a tendency to wilt before others. Listed below are some of the more common meanings:
Alstroemeria: Devotion
Apple Blossoms: Good Fortune
Babyís Breath: Pure Heart
Bachelorís Button: Hope, Love:
Camelia: Contentment
Carnation: Fidelity
Chrysanthemum: Cheerfulness, Truth
Daffodil: Joy, Devotion
Daisy: Faith, Simplicity
Forget-me-not: True Love
Fuchsia: Taste
Gardenia: Joy
Gladiola: Generosity, Beauty
Honeysuckle: Devoted Affection
Iris: Promise
Ivy: Fidelity, Friendship
Lily: Purity, Innocence
Lily of the Valley: Happiness
Orange Blossom: Fertility
Orchids: Rare Beauty
Rose: Love, Friendship
Rosebud: Beauty, Youth
Stephanotis: Happiness
Sweet Pea: Blissful Pleasure
Tulip: Perfect Lover
Violet: Fidelity
Zinnia: Lasting Affection



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