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Engagement and Wedding Ring
From her ring to her earrings, today's bride has definite ideas of what complements her face, hands and personality. While it is still a romantic image for a prospective fiancée to fall on bent knee and, presenting a ring and asking for her hand in marriage, more and more couples opt to choose the rings together!

The most important part of the process is to choose a reputable dealer. Traditionally the budget spent by him on the engagement and wedding ring is equivalent to slightly more than a month’s wages. The bride-to-be could choose to budget the same, but possibly choose less traditional items such as a watch.

While other gems, such as birthstones may be chosen, the diamond is still the favorite of most brides-to-be for their engagement rings. Cost is not determined by the shape of the diamond, which can be brilliant, heart, pear, oval or emerald-shaped. Although all diamonds are precious, its the combination of the Cut, Colors, Clarity and Carat i.e. 4 C's, that determine the value and beauty of a particular diamond. To put it simply: Cost (Value) = [ Cut + Color + Clarity + Carat ]. For most of us who are inexperienced or untrained in identifying the 4 C's of a diamond, it would be helpful to look for one which has a Diamond Grading Report. A Diamond Grading Report is a certificate from a major independent gem laboratory. The report will contain detailed information about a diamond's physical characteristics. i.e. its color, clarity, carat weight etc.

Most brides choose a matching or interlocking wedding band for themselves. The grooms ring can match hers or reflect his own personality with a diamond or his birthstone. A good designer can make a ring flattering to both female and male hands.

Wedding Day Jewelry
Whilst much care goes into gown, veil, make-up and hair, too often the finishing touch of wedding day jewelry is overlooked. Some bridal shops carry wedding day jewelry. Another excellent source is the shop specializing in these creations, mostly of pearls and crystal and the increasingly popular ganutell. Many will actually create accessories especially for you that perfectly match your gown.

The specialty jewelry is also perfect for your attendants' gift from you. By selecting them at the same time, you can coordinate the wedding jewelry. These lovely creations are usually reasonably priced and make excellent after-wedding ‘thank you for helping’ gifts.



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