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Guest Post by Elizabeth - Personalised Pressies

Current wedding trends for summer 2013 are creating a hushed, and excited buzz as people busily plan for their special day, with an aim to create an event unlike any other. Big ideas for weddings this year include themes and personalised wedding gifts, wedding cakes and dishes and cutlery used on the day.

The themed wedding can be a varied event with some couples striving for extremes and others using the theme to add a twist to a traditional event. Naturally there are those who think that a Victorian themed day will be memorable, but in general 2013 weddings are much more subtle, including colour and seasonal themes that will make those photos stand out from all other weddings.

2013 is also seeing many brides say goodbye to the traditional white wedding and embracing more vibrant ideas, such as coloured wedding dresses. While some are upset with this farewell to tradition, in more cases than not this simply means adding the odd touch of individualism rather than a complete dismissal of the old-fashioned wedding style. Expect to see coloured embroidery, engraved glasses and personalised bottles of wine and champagne.

Wedding dress from

While some believe that the coloured wedding gown is a confession about the nature of the wedding and a true step away from those traditions, in reality it is more of an attempt to make the bride stand out even more than usual. Katie Price is renowned for having donned a pink wedding dress for her big day setting the bar high for other brides to follow in her shoes. Now these celebrity trends are becoming more and more commonplace as traditions are shifting the emphasis to the individual experience of the bride and groom and guests, rather than just being a slave to tradition.

Now that personalisation is readily available many couples are utilizing it, enabling them to make their special day truly special. In recent years many guests have found a delightful treat on their tables, with favourite quotes from the couple in each seat place. Personalisation takes this one step further, with embroidered scented cushions, engraved glasses and even engraved silver napkin rings for each of the guests to take home. There are also wedding favours for members of the wedding party that are made considerably more special and memorable by that touch of personalisation.

Overall 2013 weddings are simply taking the norm that bit further; twisting the traditions and subverting expectations to ensure that the guests are overcome with the romance of the day. After-all it is a celebration, so it stands to reason that competition is going to be steep, to create the best wedding of 2013.

About the Author

Elizabeth is an expert when it comes to current weddings trends and shares her expertise on behalf of Personalised Pressies. We hope that she will continue to share her knowledge for many years in this ever changing environment.



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