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Women's Day
by Romano Cassar

International Women’s Day falls on the 8th of March and is a celebratory occasion owing to the deserving appreciation of women. Originally, this event was called the International Working Women’s Day, focusing on the independence of women and their a... more »

Advice for Newly Weds
by IDO Magazine

You just got married and going back to your normal life might seem like an anti-climax after the excitement of your wedding day. Here is how to cope in those first few months• Be prepared to cry before or after marriage. The week of the wedding most ... more »

Buying a Home to Live in… Property Consultancy or a Solo Adventure?
by Wilfrid Buttigieg

Locally many people are well informed about property, even if you ask the man in the street, he could most probably give you a piece of information or some sort of advice.Yet, just as in all walks of life, even in real estate one finds all sorts of p... more »

Property in Malta - First time Buyers
by CNWPropertyMalta

If you ask someone whether they would like to buy or rent their home, the majority of people in Malta would tell you that they would like to buy. Being a first-time property buyer in Malta can be a daunting experience. It's a big decision to make wit... more »

Property in Malta - Viewing Properties
by CNWPropertyMalta

On contacting an Estate Agent be very clear about your Budget, Expectations and Preferred Location from the beginning. This will narrow the search for property and enable the Estate Agent to find more suitable properties for you. Once the properties ... more »

Property in Malta - Fees Associated with Buying & Selling Property
by CNWPropertyMalta

When you are buying your First Property you are embarking on an exciting journey. This will be your first home and your first real taste of independence, you will be buzzing with joy and happiness.From every direction close friends and family will be... more »

Property in Malta - Three Most Common Conditions You can Buy A Property In
by CNWPropertyMalta

Now that you have gone through the initial think process and have budgeted , you can pat yourself on the back. You're now well on the way to finding your first property. Exciting times are ahead and there are a wide variety of properties available an... more »

Property in Malta - Common Types of Properties
by CNWPropertyMalta

As a First Time Buyer the whole property market is something new for you. You may be seduced by what's available at the top end of the market, keep grounded and realistic. Remember what your budget is, the lifestyle you want and what you can afford. ... more »

Property in Malta - First Time Buyers Prepared for Buying
by CNWPropertyMalta

By now you should be sat down, relaxed and at ease with the peace of mind that you now have the information and knowledge on how to go about Buying Your First Property in Malta.If you are still in doubt don't forget there are professional companies w... more »

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