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Who to invite who to leave out!
by I Do Magazine

You agreed to have no more than 125 guests at your wedding. But you've just realised that between the two of you, you have 300 people you want to invite. Now what? Sit down with your intended and list everyone you can think of to invite. Use th... more »

How to address guests in Maltese

You chose your wedding invitations, prepared the list of guests and decide whether to write the invites and envelopes yourselves or entrust them to a calligrapher. Either case, you'll need to address the guests appropriately. This may be easy enough... more »

Wedding Invitations
Original article by

With its substantial weight, luxurious paper, and carefully lettered name and address, a wedding invitation distinguishes itself from all other envelopes in the mailbox right away. The obvious care with which this small package has been created promi... more »

Wedding Invitations
by Cybele Phillips

Wedding invitations are one of the most important parts of the special day. In addition to their practical purpose of giving invitees all of the crucial information about your ceremony and reception, your invitations are your loved one's introduction... more »

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