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Beauty & Nails

Nailing The Matter
by G. Axiak

Why not say "I DO" in style! Light nail colours and pastels are perfect for the day. Pearl, gold and pink lacquers or just a simple french manicure would be ideal to achieve that radiant beauty.It was only in the last decade or so, that artificial na... more »

Your Hair
Original article by

You will never be more beautiful or radiant than on your wedding day. To achieve this, you must include time for advance preparations of your hair from several months before. This is a great time to experiment ahead of time with stunning hair styles,... more »

Applying Foundation
by Laura dos Remedios

Firstly, I would recommend that you cleanse and moisturise your skin (or at least moisturise) and wait a few minutes for the moisturiser to be absorbed. The following tips are for liquid or crème foundations. (For 2in1, or crème to powder compact typ... more »

Choosing Foundation
by Laura dos Remedios

As a makeup artist, I notice peoples' makeup when I am out and about, shopping etc. and I notice a lot of women who are wearing the wrong shade of foundation for their skin tone. The job of foundation is to give the appearance of naturally gorgeous s... more »

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