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Cocktails at Weddings
by Damian's Cocktails

The trend today for cocktail bars during wedding receptions is becoming more and more popular everyday. This attraction of serving cocktails apart from the usual beverages, has caught the attention of many couples.But first of all, what is a cocktail... more »

The Wine Bar Concept
by Damian's Cocktails

For the last couple of years the wine bar was something trendy. Today the wine bar becomes an essential part of the wedding celebration. There are various reasons starting from cultural to convenience reasons why the wine bar is being viewed in a new... more »

How to pick the Champagne for your Special Day
Original article by

One more item for your wedding list: Pick the perfect sparkling wine or champagne. The wine you choose should reflect your style. One bride might go for a French Champagne whilst another might offer bottles of Italian Spumante. A special day deserves... more »

Original article by

Cocktails make a fun alternative to alcoholic beverages. Besides being decidedly fun to look at they are also lots of different cocktails to mix and choose from. Cocktails usually come as a separate expense from the beverages and you will also need a... more »

Beverages and more
Original article by

Whether in summer or winter, beverages form an integral part of the reception. Most vendors give good estimates of the quantities you will need depending on how many guests you will be having, the current trends and even the season. Always get a good... more »

Cocktail Bar Trends
Guest article by Damians Cocktails

If you’re among the many whose eyes light up when you see a cocktail bar taking pride of place in the middle of a wedding reception, then chances are that you’re already familiar with multi-award winner Damian Muscat and his mobile cocktail and wine ... more »

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