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SGT Mobile Wine Bar

The letters S.G.T. stand for:

Style - Different styles of wine are offered in order to satisfy our customers' tastes. From dry to off-dry to medium sweet, fortified, sparkling, etc.

Glass - the wine tastes differently according to the shape of the glass it is drunk from. The shape of the glass might emphasize its aromas, acidity or sweetness. That's why our glasses are based on Riedel glasses shape. (

Temperature - Serving wine temperature can alter how a wine tastes and smell. This varies depending on the wine colour and characteristics. Ambient temperature, especially in summer, has to be considered too.

Our service consists of:
  • Oak Bar set-up;
  • 6 differently shaped wine glasses (relative to the winelist);
  • Printed wine tasting notes of the wine list on display during the wedding;
  • A wine list selected from practically all maltese wine agents. This includes a discount of about 20cents per bottle when compared to the market prices of the said wines.
  • 3 Qualified Wine Connoissuers (W.S.E.T. Wine & Spirits Education Trust Uk), (Court of Master Sommeliers)
  • 1 Waiter who will collect, wash and polish glasses
  • Carrying of wine bottles to wedding hall (if they are bought from agents)
  • Wines will be on return basis (except for chilled or opened bottles). A stock take will be taken before the wedding starts and another one after the wedding is finished and you will be charged according to consumption.
I also guarantee that the number of opened/chilled bottles of wine won''t be superior to the number on the wine list i.e. if the wine list consists of 9 different styles of wine there won''t be more than 9 bottles of chilled/opened wine.

There are no overtime charges and no corkage fees. On booking of service I will need a deposit.

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Bernard Muscat
Wine Connoisseur W.S.E.T.


(+356) 7920 5364


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