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Vassallo Xuereb
(Wrought Iron Works)

Vassallo Xuereb
Vassallo Xuereb Vassallo Xuereb Vassallo Xuereb

An Iron Reputation

The history of iron is indeed a fascinating and amazing story of creativity and innovation. On the one hand iron has been used by man over the centuries as a means of developing articles for everyday use, or for more specialized use. These specialized uses have been as diverse as warfare and sacred objects of art.

Over the centuries the production of iron and its varied utilisation can be linked directly to the development of art and craft. Iron has long been seen as a medium that allows artistsa wide degree of freedom of expression. Its durability and ruggedness has ensured that many antique relics produced hundreds if not thousands of years ago, are still around in museums and galleries for all to enjoy and admire.

It has long been recognized that iron is one of the most abundant and useful metals all over the world. Even though Malta does not enjoy iron as a natural resource, in recent years, the importation of iron has grown in leaps and bounds as it has once again become very fashionable. Today, iron is used in a wide range of products that include railings, gratings and gates, all of which are being transformed as architects and designers re-discover the ductility, the malleability and elegance of iron.

Vassallo & Xuereb Ltd produces a range of items in iron that includes about fifty different types of gates and railings, hundreds of types of stair railings and thousands of accessories that complete the finished works. Most of these items can be viewed at our workshops, where a permanent display is kept for customers' convenience.

In addition, the company also works to customers' original drawings and specifications providing high quality customized works. In this respect, the dedicated design and production teams at Vassallo & Xuereb Ltd. are more than willing to collaborate with architects, interior decorators and builders in designing and carrying out external enclosures. This collaboration facilitates the development of customized interior decorations to meet customers' specific requirements and tastes.

Gritblasting Service

Over the years, Vassallo & Xuereb Ltd has introduced various additional services and facilities to better meet the needs of its varied customers. In an effort to offer customers a more complete wrought iron works service, some years ago the company introduced a sandblasting service.

This much requested service is available for both new works and old wrought iron works, even when these are already painted or have rusted. Gritblasting and treating the wrought iron work ensures that it lasts for longer and remains maintenance free.


Vassallo & Xuereb Ltd. provides an extensive range of iron accessories and shapes that could easily be fitted to existing wrought iron works easily upgrading these to suit the customer's tastes. Customers that may choose to have some changes in the design of their existing railings or gates, will find over 200 different types of such accessories at Vassallo & Xuereb Ltd.

With such a large number of elements, the customer can create an infinite number of combinations and compositions to finish the product. These accessories are sought by the more quality conscious blacksmiths who want to add more value to their works, and by the eager DIY enthusiast who can easily upgrade existing wrought iron works. Whatever the need, the range of accessories is there.

Vassallo Xuereb Vassallo Xuereb Vassallo Xuereb

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