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Hello Lovely Ladies,

Sell & Buy Weddings Dresses & Evening Wear

Would you like to make profit out of your wedding dress or other evening dresses you will no longer be wearing? Why not try sell them?

Or do you have a special occasion and don’t want to spend a fortune on your attire? Why don’t you come here and pick a dress that is both gorgeous and affordable.

Here at Lovely Dresses we have a large collection of affordable Wedding, Evening and Bride’s Maid dresses from were you can choose.

Why not give us a call for a personalised appointment and come check out our Lovely Dresses without any obligation. Rest assured to find something that is both appealing to your taste and your pocket.

Looking forward to hear from you and help you find your special dress for that most special day…

Was getting married and wearing a fairytale wedding dress always your dream….?

Your Own Wedding Dress Themed Photoshoot!

Did you get married and even though you wore the dress of your dreams you still would like to wear other amazing wedding dresses…?

If you love wedding dresses as much as we do then this is the opportunity for you!!!

Come pick a wedding dress that you like and join us for a wedding dress themed photoshoot...

Think about it! Let us enjoy wedding dresses not only on our wedding day but any other day that we want to. If you find this idea appealing please feel free to contact us without any obligation. We are looking forward to hearing from you…

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38, Sunshine,
Triq Icilio Calleja,

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