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Flame Candle Creations

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Thank you for visiting our pages. We started experimenting with candles about 10 years ago and with souvenirs about 4 years ago. So far, we produce 2 different types of souvenirs, these are; candle souvenirs and gel candles souvenirs. We do not have any machines which make mass produced and commonly found items. All our work is hand made and we are members of The Malta Crafts Council.

Some advantages of our souvenirs are:

** UNIQUENESS: All our souvenirs are made and/or decorated by hand. This gives candle souvenirs the special texture finish that cannot be achieved when mass produced by machines. It also means that our production is somewhat limited due to the time needed to do them. Definitely not like the souvenirs that are ‘made in China’ and which are found everywhere. We are certain that you wouldn’t want commonly found souvenirs on your wedding day. You would want them to be unique and exceptional!!

** EXCLUSIVITY: We only sell what we make and we DO NOT distribute our souvenirs to other local shops. This helps us to keep our work as exclusive as we possibly can. This is good because we are sure that you will want to have your souvenirs as exclusive and as special as possible for your occasion.

** PERSONALISATION: Our gel candle souvenir range is the ultimate range in personalisation level. This is achieved when at one point in the manufacturing process we place a scrolled paper bearing your names and your wedding date. Gel is then poured sealing the name tag inside the souvenir itself. We can even go further by including the name or nick of the souvenir recipient. Whether they are close friends or relatives. We are sure that you’ll impress them when you hand them their souvenir having their name inside it. It’s not a souvenir like any other, where the only level of personalization is by writing on the souvenir. The name inside the glass is evident enough to show that the souvenirs were made just for your special occasion, and you would want them done just for you on your big day. This also saves the extra cost of the name tags which everyone who opts for normal souvenirs have to have. You can put your mind at rest that the memory of your wedding isn’t going to be washed away when the name tag is removed! Our name tags are there to stay!!!

Another advantage is that since we produce the work ourselves, you do not need to order an extra 20 or 30 souvenirs just in case someone unexpectedly turns up with a wedding gift! There is no fear of going back to the shop to order more and finding them out of stock. From experience, we are almost sure that you will have the need for extra souvenirs. We can handle making small numbers of extra glasses at a very short notice and this puts your mind at rest that you will not fall short of souvenirs. With us you can get the exact number you need!

Another benefit from our souvenirs is that you will get your souvenirs exactly as you want them. You can choose the colour, shape, size ….etc. You will not be bound to what is available from the shelf, but you will have them done especially as you want them!!

The only disadvantage is that wax and gel wax are both by-products of the oil industry. Everyone is aware of the situation of the oil industry. Prices are bound to change from time to time. But one can avoid this by ordering as soon as one decides, thus fixing the price. Any price changes which occur after you have finalized your order, will be taken up by ourselves. Glass prices also change, but not as frequent as that of the wax and the gel.

My wife and I do as much of the work involved as possible to help keep production costs as low as one possibly can. We seek to keep overheads costs to a bare minimum. We try our best to fulfill all of your needs and requirements. We guarantee our personal attention.

It is also important to note that since we do this on part-time basis we work very irregular hours. We have no fixed time, but we always deliver on time. It is very highly recommended to call or sms us before you decide to pop over to our garage.

We hope that we can be of service to you.

Vicky & Franklin


(+356) 21 808 173, 21 486 773

(+356) 21 499 440

(+356) 7924 7087 , 7904 1270

Flame Candle Creations
Garage No.11
Censu de Gandia Street
Map: Click here

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