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Faith & Religion

Information: Mgr Maurus Caruana O.S.B., long cherished the idea of building a church in Sliema dedicated to St. Gregory the Great, and he laid the stone for this church on the 20 August 1923. The church became a parish on the 22nd December 1943.

Name: Parish Church dedicated to St Gregory the Great Dedication date: 11 October 1949

Priest: Parish Priest Rev Joseph Farrugia

Office Address: 13, Norfolk Street Sliema, SLM 2016 Telephone 2133 0740 Fax 2133 5899

Office Hours: Mondays to Fridays 5.00 -7.00 pm Saturdays 9.30 am- 11.00 am

Masses: Sundays and Feast Days: 6.30, 7.30, 9.00, 10.30, 11.30 am; 5.30 pm Saturday Evenings: 6.30 pm Weekdays: 6.45, 7.45, 8.45 am; 6.30 pm

Other information on churches under this parish: St. Patrick's Church The Salesians came to Malta in 1903 and took up residence in Sliema, being entrusted with the running of St. Patrick's Salesian School which Comm. Alfonso Maria Galea had built for the education of boys sent to the Institute by the Government. The chapel of the Institute is open to the public and all Masses are said in English. Narriages may be celebrated in the church. Priest in charge Rev Joe Cini S.D.B. Telephone 2133 0238; 2133 4614 Holy Masses Sundays and feast days: 8.00, 9.00, 10.15 am; 6.00, 7.30 pm Weekdays: 7.30, 9.00 am During May and October Holy Rosary is recited at 6.30 pm followed by a Holy Mass) St. John Bosco Oratory Comm. Alphonse Maria Galea built an Oratory, the "Iuventutis Domus", in front of St. Patrick's School in 1907; two years later the chapel was built and blessed in 1908. Marriages may be held in the Oratory. Priest in charge Rev J. Forte S.D.B. Telephone 2133 1447; 2133 7309 Holy Masses Sundays and Feast Days: 7.30, 8.30 am; 12.00 noon Weekdays: 8.00 am First Fridays: 7.30 pm On the 24th of each month: 7.30 pm Church of the Holy Family The Ursuline sisters opened a creche at n. 3 Stella Maris Street in Sliema in 1894, but the house was too small and Mgr Isidoro dei Conti Formosa acquired a piece of land where he built the present church and convent of the sisters in 1904. Marriages may be celebrated in the church. Holy Masses Sundays, Feast Days and Weekdays: 7.00 am Saturday Evenings: 6.30 pm Weekdays: 6.00 pm


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