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Information: In 1682 the small church which overlooks St. Julian's Bay was enlarged and in 1848 it became a subsidiary of the Birkirkara parish; in 1848 it was further enlarged and in 1891 it became the parish church of the locality. In recent times the Lapsi church, as it is popularly known, became too small for the people living in St. Julians and in 1961 a new church was built and opened for worship in 1968. The Pope met the world of culture in this church during his visit to Malta in 1989.

Name: Dedication date 17 ta' Dicembru 1978

Priest: Parish Priest Rev Ray Toledo

Office Address: 115 Triq Lapsi, San Giljan STJ 1260 Telephone: 21380270 Fax: 21372186

Office Hours: Mondays to Fridays 4.30 - 6.15 pm winter 5.00 - 7.00 pm summer

Masses: Sundays and Feast Days: 7.00, 8.15, 9.30, 11.00am, 12.15, 6.30 pm winter; 7.00 pm summer Saturday Evenings: 6.30 pm ; 7.45 pm Weekdays: 6.30, 7.15, 8.15, 9.15am; 6.30 pm winter, 7.00 pm summer

Other information on churches under this parish: Old St. Julian's Church There was a church on St. Julian's heights before 1580, but the present church dates from 1682. In 1848 it served as a subsidiary parish church and in 1891 it became the parish church of the locality, and it remained so till the present parish church was built. Marriages may be celebrated in it. Priest in charge Parish Priest Holy Masses Sundays and Feast Days: 9.00 am Weekdays: 7.45 am Immaculate Conception Church The church was built by the Knight Rafel Spinola, who wished to have a church near the palace he had built in St. Julian's Bay in a locality now known as Spinola, from his palace. The church was built in 1687 and enlarged at the beginning of this century while a new facade was given to it in 1914. Marriages may be celebrated in the church. Priest in charge Can Rev Carmeo Calleja Holy Masses Monday to Friday: 6.00 pm Saturdays: 8.00 am St. Rita Church The Augustinian frairs were given a piece of land by Miss Nicolina Pons to build a church and friary. The work started in 1926 and two years later the friars took up residence. Both the friary and the church were destroyed during World War II but rebuilt in 1944. Marriages may be celebrated. Priest in charge Rev Joe Farrugia OSA Telephone: 2137 7708 Holy Masses Sundays and Feast Days: 08.30, 10.00 am and noon Saturday Evenings: 07.00 pm; 09.00 pm (Youth Mass) Weekdays: 6.30, 8.30 am First Friday of the month: 7.00 pm Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel In 1936 the lawyer Dr Guz Pace built a church and friary for the Agustinians, when this area in St. Julian's which today is known as Paceville started developing. The friars built a new church as the population in the locality had increased considerably. The new church was opened in 1973. Priest in charge Rev. Ray Francalanza OSA Telephone: 2135 4464 Holy Masses Sundays and Feast Days: 7.30, 9.00, 10.15, 11.30 am (English) Weekdays: 7.25, 8.30am , 6.45 pm Church of St. Claire In 1920 the Poor Clares left Zabbar, where they had first settled and moved to St. Julian's in Carmel Street; but the house there was too small for the community and therefore they started building a new monastery in 1933; they took their residence in the new monastery in 1935. Priest in charge Rev Julian Sammut OFM Telephone: 21383341 Holy Masses Sundays and Feast Days: 6.30, 11.00 am Weekdays: 6.30 am The Millenium Chapel The Millennium Chapel is situated in the basement of the Augustinian Convent in Church Street, and was inaugurated on the 8th December 2000. The Chapel aims to be an oasis of peace in the heart of Paceville to visitors of all creeds and colour, to be a place of perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, to offer care and understanding to people who seek it, to be a meeting place for senior citizens and to welcome foreign visitors and tourists in a spirit of faith. It is being run by a Foundation formed by lay people and Augustinian Fathers. Website: Telephone: 2133 4464 Holy Mass Saturday Evening 9.15 pm: Evening Prayer and Psalms 9.30 pm: Holy Mass Taiz Adoration Every First Friday at 7.30 pm


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