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Faith & Religion

Information: The area between Hamrun and Gwardamangia after the Second World War developed rapidly and the need of a church for the area was soon felt; through the efforts of Fr Edgar Vella the present church was built and it became the parish church of the area in 1968.

Name: Parish Church of the Immaculate Conception Dedication date 28 May 1988

Priest: Parish Priest Rev Salvatore Borg

Office Address: 54 Triq Manwel Magri, Hamrun HMR 1871 Telephone 21232643 Fax 21233279

Office Hours: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 09.00. - 10.00 am 04.30 - 05.45 pm Saturdays 09.00 - 10.00 am

Masses: Sundays and Feast Days: 06.30, 08.00, 09.30, 11.30 am; 06.30 pm. Saturday Evenings: 06.30 pm Weekdays: 06.15, 07.15, 08.15 am; 06.30 pm

Other information on churches under this parish: St. Francis Church The Friars Minor opened a small chapel at Hamrun in 1947, but they soon felt the need of building a larger church as the population in the area was imcreasing rapidly. The church was built in 1952 and dedicated in 1955. The church is a centre of devotion for Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Marriages may be held in the church. Dedication date 25 May 1955 Priest in charge Rev. Marcellino Micallef OFM Telephone 21234316 - 21241833 Address Franciscan Friars, Triq Villambrosa, Hamrun HMR 1122 Holy Masses Sundays and Feast Days: 06.00, 07.00, 08.00, 09.00 am, 12.00 Saturday Evenings: 06.30 pm Weekdays: 06.00, 06.45, 07.30, 08.30 am and 06.30 pm


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